Awesome Super Bowl Recipes

Awesome Super Bowl Recipes

I accidentally came across this blog in search of a dip that a friend of mine used to make which can be found when searching “Aunt Judy’s Bean Dip”.      My advice is, if you already have high cholesterol, you may want to avoid the following blog.    Otherwise, go check it out, particularly the recipes tagged Football Friday:


If you are searching for last-minute recipes for tomorrow, there are some great ideas here.  I personally may try the “white pizza dip” recipe tomorrow.

The Common Core in Cleveland

Ok, so I know I haven’t written on here in a very long time.     There are so many fun things I would love to write about.    Like last year’s fun trip to Mr. Kringle’s Inventionasium which I think I just saw now has tickets on sale.    Or the really cool leaf wreath we are making with my 3 year-old’s class at school.    Or the things I have learned over the course of three childbirths, because our third son was born on New Year’s Day this year, which helps to explain my absence from this blog.

But, what I am going to write about, very briefly, is my limited experience thus far with the Common Core.    And I am writing this because it is unfortunately very difficult to find a non-political conversation about this topic.     I would like to open up a conversation here, for those living in and around the Cleveland area.     I want to hear, whether you are a teacher, or a parent, what you think.   

My current concern is basically this.     My son goes to a good public school.   We moved to our particular suburb for the school district.   In my son’s second grade class there is a boy who has been tested to have a 140 IQ.    He clearly isn’t dumb.    To test “addition and subtraction fluency” they have been required to take timed tests since the beginning of the school year.    On the first test, an addition test with 100 problems, the boy scored a 75/100.    On a subtraction test a few weeks into the school year, the boy scored a 65/100.     My son had similar scores.    On both my son’s tests and this boy’s the teacher wrote, “Keep practicing.”    What this actually means is, keep practicing at home, as with weekly homework they are expected to practice addition and subtraction facts at home.      My husband and I now have to do flash cards at home, which neither of us ever remember having to do with our parents when we were kids. 

My husband has several very well educated, intelligent colleagues in similar school districts.   With children in different grades.    And all of them have said the same thing.  “We are signing our children up for Kumon because they are not learning their basic facts at school.”

I am really hoping this isn’t the experience people are having everywhere, but it has come up in conversation often enough that it concerns me.     If it now falls on the parents to teach their children basic math so that the Common Core test requirements can be taught in school, I’m fine with teaching my kid.     But what happens to children in the Cleveland Public Schools, or other urban areas, or even in the suburbs, where the parents aren’t supplementing their children’s educations, either for a lack of interest or a lack of time?    We are doing these children a huge disservice by trying to “raise the bar” with the Common Core.

What have your experiences been?    I think some of the Common Core teaching has been implemented long enough for many of us to have an informed opinion now.   Positive or negative, I would love to hear from you!

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Cuyahoga Valley National Park 2013 Summer Schedule

I have been stalking the CVNP website to sign up our oldest for the Junior Ranger classes. The 2013 Summer Schedule is finally out. So many great activities for adults, kids and families! I love the place.

2013 Summer Camps in Cleveland

Just wanted to post a heads-up that it is summer camp scheduling time again. A quick off the top of my head list includes:

Classroom Antics Tech and LEGO Camps –

Bricks 4 Kidz LEGO Classes –

Cleveland Museum of Natural History –

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland –

Great Lakes Science Center –

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo –

Camp Invent –

Challenger British Soccer Camp –

Cleveland Metroparks Summer Camps –

Old Trail S’Camp –


If you think of more, please post in the comments!


So my last post was August 1, 2012. Yikes. Well, since then, baby boy #3 has joined our household. This week I was given an amusing insight into the difference in perspective between pre-baby women and post-baby women. A pregnant-with-her-first-child friend of mine made this comment to me on Facebook:

“How are you handling all your boyz? Are you able to make it to the shower? I need to hear the baby boy scoop from a professional!”

Pre-baby woman’s definition of “shower”: a party where you have time to socialize and have adult conversation, get gifts, eat yummy food

Post-baby woman’s definition of “shower”: something that involves water and soap and on really good days, shampoo

PlayhousesSquare Cinema at the Square Groupon

I had just posted about PlayhouseSquare’s Cinema at the Square Series for the summer and then today came across this:

If you are planning on heading downtown for a show, I suggest you check out the Groupon for half-price tickets, with three days left to buy.

Cinema at the Square Returns to Playhouse Square

Along with several classic favorites of adults, take the kids to enjoy this unique movie-going experience with these family-friendly flicks:

The Muppet Movie – Aug. 5th at 2pm

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – Aug. 12 at 2pm

Mary Poppins – Aug. 19 at 2pm

Tickets are $5.  For a full list of Cinema at the Square movies, visit


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