My Son is So Awesome to Me

I just wanted to write something bright and cheery today.    I love my life.    Yesterday I was talking with some friends at work about how I am looking forward to turning 30 next year.    I’d take being 30 yeras old over being 20 years old any day.    Life is so much about attitude and about looking forward.    I have by no means had an idyllic life, though I certainly feel as though I am blessed with one now, and as a friend reminded me at lunch this week, I need to stop feeling guilty about that.   I dealt with enough in life up until now that I should finally allow myself to enjoy the life I have now.

So, I am going to.    Yesterday was great.    I was standing on my neighbors’ front lawn talking to them and their twin daughters through the front window, when I turned around and saw that the hubby had our 23 month old son on his toddler tricycle (kinda like a Big Wheels, but easier to ride) and my son was peddling the tricycle all by himself!    He was so proud and was showing off for the twins.   And I was so proud that I would have cried if it wasn’t for the fact I was standing there talking to my neighbor.

Everyday our son is less of a baby and more of a toddler growing into a little man.    It’s so awesome to watch.   He’s even lost his little baby Buddha belly!    I know how parents all talk about how awesome their kid is and I know in their eyes it is true…I don’t care if anyone thinks our son is awesome…because he is awesome to me!

Until next time,

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Memorial Day Weekend, Kids’ Lawnmowers and Baby Pools

Friday night was pretty low-key.     My husband had to work, so our son and I spent the evening hanging out at home.     Saturday we took a trip to Babies R Us since I had a 30% off coupon for clothes and our son is quickly growing out of his 18 month shirts.   I typically go there for his diapers since they have good prices and the large warehouse cases, but I was very happy to have bought several shirts/shorts sets that, with the 25% off sale they had on several racks of clothes, combined with the 30% off coupon, came to less than $5 for each outfit.   How great is that!?!

Saturday night I went to my friend’s bachelorette party.    I met up with the party at Maggiano’s at Beachwood Place.   The food was good, but I highly recommend to anyone going there to split a meal with a friend and order a side of pasta or mashed potatoes to share.     The meals do not come with pasta and are, for all intents and purposes, family-style…meaning, if you order chicken marsala as I did, you receive a plate with four chicken breasts and nothing else.    Afterwards we headed to cosmic bowling at the Freeway Lanes in Solon.    It was $15 per person for two hours of bowling and well worth it in my mind, because I personally do not like to bowl, however, cosmic bowling is so much more fun than just bowling.

Yesterday was so much fun.    A group of my friends from high school got together at our house to visit with a friend who was in town from Texas.    Of those friends, three of them have kids within two months of our son’s age.   The neighbor kids stopped over as well.    Which leads to my first of two product recommendations for the day.    The neighbors have this kids lawnmower that our son is obsessed with.     He will try to go over to the neighbors’ yard when they are not home in order to play with this toy.    He even brought the lawnmower over to our house yesterday and was playing with it and sharing it with the other kids.    One of the moms commented that her daughter has no interest in the bubble mower she has at home, but the little girl loved this lawnmower.      Since our son has consistently played with this lawnmower for well over a month now, and one of the neighbor kids occassionally likes to test our son’s emotions by taking the lawnmower away from him, I’ve finally sucked it up and ordered one online today.     I’m hoping this will solve the problems with the neighbor kid taking away the lawnmower, and also the problem with our son constantly wandering over to the neighbor’s house.

Once we got the lawnmower issue out of the way today, the rest of the day went well.    We got out the inflatable swimming pool I bought on clearance last fall after reading a review of it on   Our neighbor (on the other side) has an air compressor and was kind enough to inflate the pool for us.   This pool is absolutely amazing.   We turned it upside down before filling it and our son climbed up and was using it like a trampoline.    Our neighbors with the air compressor had invited us over to join their Memorial Day cookout, along with some other neighbors.     In all, we had kids from four houses in a row, including ours, playing in the inflatable pool, ranging from 18 months to 7 years old.   They were running and jumping into it, kicking and splashing, climbing in and out and sitting on the sides.    The bottom is inflatable as well, and on the grass, it provided plenty of cushioning so no one got hurt.    At one point, we had 7 children in the pool at the same time.   This pool survived about 4 hours of kids playing in it without deflating.   It looks like the pool is currently $30 on Amazon, I think I got it for $15 at Target last fall, but I’d pay $30 for another one.    We certainly got our money’s worth out of it today!

Until next time…I’m no longer fooling myself that I will write everyday.


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