What I Believe

I’ve decided I want to write a page about what I believe, which for me will probably be more lengthy than what I’d want to include on my About Me page.   I’ll be adding to this, but to start:

  1. I am a Christian.
  2. I believe that Jesus is the incarnate Son of God, that He is sinless, that He died on a cross, rose again and His death has paid for my sins.
  3. I believe in the grace and mercy of God, because there’s no other explanation for my life.
  4. I believe my mom might have one of the most beautiful hearts in the world.
  5. I believe that all children are awesome and beautiful and should be treated as such.
  6. I believe that God doesn’t put more on us than we can bear.
  7. I believe that God has a purpose for everything, even something as seemingly insignificant as a red light.
  8. I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion, and enjoy the educated and informed opinions of others.
  9. I believe I am an absolutely terrible judge of character when it comes to early impressions.
  10. I Believe in Cleveland (sorry, bad joke, but I had to write that one)

5 Responses

  1. Awesome post! Amen. We share a common interest. Have a great day!

  2. Hi!

    First of all, thanks for leaving such a nice reply on my blog. It’s always nice to know someone is reading it.

    Secondly, I LOVE how you spelled out exactly what you believe. I, also, have Jesus as the center of my family and the decisions I make and find it makes all the difference.

    Thirdly, your suggestions and ideas on places to go around Cleveland have come in handy several times since we are still relatively new to the area. Keep the information coming!

  3. I love finding other believers doing the blog-thing. …Keep shining!

  4. I believe you’re a great mom and you set a great example for E&M.

  5. As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I appreciate your clear statement of what you believe.

    Your comment, “I believe I am an absolutely terrible judge of character when it comes to early impression” reminds me of the fact that man looks at the outward appearance, only God looks at the heart.

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