Relic 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Just wanted to pass along a special holiday giveaway to your readers from Relic (a Fossil brand) that I just found out about:,  they are giving away watches, jewelry, handbags, etc and you will also get a coupon code to use on their site — 50% off!

Happy Holidays!


Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos

Positively Cleveland, the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, is running a Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video Contest on YouTube.   Two great videos, created by two awesome Cleveland lady bloggers, are below.   Check out all of the entries and leave comments for your faves at:

And while we’re at it, a significant percentage (I’ll try to get a real estimate) of visitors to Cleveland are those categorized as “VFR”, meaning, visiting friends and relatives. I have to admit, the majority of vacations I go on, fall into this category, and especially in Cleveland this comes as no surprise to me. I’d thought of making my own Hastily Made video, related to the places we take our friends and relatives when they visit, but just don’t have the time. So, if you have a moment, leave a comment below about your fave places to take visiting friends and relatives, or a story about your favorite memory of these experiences.

My personal faves have been the West Side Market and Cleveland Botanical Garden, plus dining at a great number of places. Places I am really looking forward to taking out-of-towners (read: my in-laws from NJ, just outside of NYC), are Amish Country, some of the many wineries, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the presidential museums, and the Lake Erie Islands/Sandusky/Put-In-Bay area.

Looking forward to hearing yours!

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Official Positively Cleveland (Cleveland Tourism Board) Hastily Made Video Contest

So, there’s this video making the rounds out there as the fictitious $14 million project of the “Cleveland Tourism Board.” (You know who you are, funny guys.) Positively Cleveland has created and distributed its fair share of videos highlighting Northeast Ohio’s assets from the glacial grooves at Kelleys Island to the musical riffs of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but the region’s real convention and visitors bureau only dreams of having that kind of budget to market the region to leisure and business travelers.

Positively Cleveland along with a sampling of its 650 hospitality partners is encouraging you to take a turn at being video ambassadors for the region. Starting Wednesday, May 13, in the midst of National Travel & Tourism Week and Ohio Tourism Month, enter a viral video in the “Official Positively Cleveland Hastily Made Video Contest.” You have 2 weeks to create a video that’s under 2 minutes in length and costs less than $2 to produce.

The top five entrants with the most votes and comments on Positively Cleveland’s YouTube group page will move on to a final voting round. The final 2 winners’ videos will be played in the Cleveland Plus Visitors Center, passed around on twitter (and other social networking sites) and featured on its website ( and if that’s not enough, two huge prize packs will be awarded.

Visit the Positively Cleveland Hastily-Made video contest page for more details: