Made in The USA For Christmas

Ok, so maybe it becomes “not Made in China” week, but there’s already a blog set up for that

After making some purchases for Christmas already, I have decided from this point forward I am only buying Christmas presents not made in China.   Unfortunately, the Fisher Price Trio Hot Wheels toys our 5 year-old had picked out are apparently made in China, as well as the entire set of my niece’s “American Girl” items.    This is officially my tipping point.   Since we’ve moved into our house, we’ve received several items made in China that we did not expect to be made in China.   Recently, landscape path lights from Kichler (based in Cleveland, Ohio), furniture from Hekman (based in Michigan) and furniture from Fine Furniture Design Manufacturers (based in North Carolina).  

So this week, with so many great toys Made in the USA, I am going to highlight one company each day of this week for you. 

Today I begin with Hudson, Ohio based Little Tikes.    I’m fairly certain we’re all familiar with Little Tikes, but what you may not know is, if there are large items you’d like to order from them but don’t want to pay hefty shipping charges, you can pick up the items at their facilities in Hudson.    We’ve done this before, and from what my hubby tells me, it was a fairly easy process.  Little Tikes has a list of all of their toys that are Made in the USA:

Additionally, Little Tikes has a great email you can subscribe to that offers discounts on various toys throughout the year.

Will you be buying American this year for Christmas?   I just get so excited when I can actually find things made here, so I wanted to share.

Until tomorrow,



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  1. I am so glad to hear this. We are challenging ourselves to only purchase items that are made in USA. It is very hard to find gifts for others that is made in the USA. Thank you so much for all of this great information.

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