The Lion King in Theaters Until October 1st

A week ago I took the kiddo to the movies to see, “The Lion King.”   At the time when it came out originally, it was one of my favorite Disney movies, and I was so excited to hear we could see it together at the theater.    Plus, we were able to see the regular movie, as they had both the regular and 3-D versions playing at the theater we went to.   It looks like the movie wll be in theaters until Saturday, October 1st.

The kiddo really enjoyed himself.    This is only the 3rd movie he’s seen in a theater, and each time he gets to enjoy all the popcorn and pop he wants.   For me, it ended up being a much more surreal experience than I could have expected.   It’s been awhile since I’d seen the movie.    Actually, the movie came out originally and I saw it for the first time the week my dad had passed away.   With the themes of the movie it probably had something to do with my connection to it at the time.    But as we were watching it, the whole, “Circle of Life” theme was something I wasn’t even thinking of when I had planned to bring the kiddo to see it.    But as I sat there next to him, thinking how the first time I’d seen it my dad passed away days later, and now I am seeing it, in a theater, with my son, it was all too strange.   This time rather than being so focused on the theme of losing one’s father as a child and the subsequent journey of Simba, I was thinking of Simba’s redemption and how life went on with the birth of his son.

Probably way more than anyone reads into a Disney movie!   

Until next time,



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