New Elephant Crossing at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

As I write I can’t believe how much the the kiddo and I, with toddler in tow, have already done this summer.   Then when I think of how active they both are and what an even bigger mess my house would be if I kept them home everyday, I realize why.   

We often go to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo several times during the year.  First I feel that I should point out that the zoo has free admission on Mondays to residents of Cuyahoga County and Hinkcley Township with photo ID.   Second I should point out that if you do not need to take advantage of this (you have a zoo membership for instance), I recommend visiting the zoo on another day of the week.   I’ve been told there is often a line to get into the parking lot on Monday mornings during the summer.

And now, onto our latest zoo visit.   Last week we finally got out to the zoo to see the new African Elephant Crossing exhibit.  It’s impressive, beautiful and large and you can’t miss it as you enter the zoo.   Unfortunately, we didn’t spend a lot of time exploring it as the kiddo had been too busy chasing a young girl around in the maze that’s near the Palava Hut Pavilion. 

We did however take part in nearly ever zoo activity that involves spending money.   All were a lot of fun and inexpensive so I can’t complain.   We rode the train and fed the Lorikeets, both of which we do every time we go to the zoo.   But then, we discovered a new activity, and I may have been more excited than the kiddo…feeding the giraffes.   Yes, for $1 you can get a large piece of lettuce and hand-feed the giraffes, provided it is giraffe feeding time.   It’s great that our zoo continues to add more opportunities for interaction, as the kiddo (and mommy) absolutely love feeding any animal.

And lastly, I’m thrilled that the toddler really enjoyed the zoo.    He loved watching the animals and couldn’t stop smiling and giggling.   This was probably the first time he’s been to the zoo and had a concept of what was going on and it was so fun to watch him experience it in this way.  I can’t wait to take him back there!

When the kiddo is officially old enough for day camps, I’m going to have some serious trouble choosing, as the zoo also offers Summer Camp. It’s for ages 5-14 years old with openings still available and special discount pricing for the week of July 4th.

Actually, what I really can’t wait to do is a Family Overnight in the Rising Waters Safari Camp.  Maybe someday, when both boys are old enough to enjoy it.  

Until next time,



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