Great Lakes Science Center Free Tuesdays for Kids

Once again for summer, Great Lakes Science Center offers free admission to those 18 and under on Tuesdays when accompanied by an adult.

We actually had purchased a Family Plus membership through Groupon earlier this year so we were fortunate to utilize that last week and visit the Facing Mars exhibit.    We brought along our neighbor and her 9 year-old son.   I was lucky to have grandma babysit the toddler so the kiddo and I could have some fun exploring the exhibits.  The boys really loved the hands-on activities, particularly the one where you could build a rocket out of various styrofoam pieces and then test it out in a launch chamber to see how high it would fly.    And for the first time, the kiddo tried out the regular exhibits on the Science Phenomena floor, since usually we spend all of our time in the Polymer Funhouse and playing with the outdoor water tables in Port Polymer.    I think our favorite was the shadow room, though the nearby experiments with bubbles were a hit as well.

When the kiddo is a bit older I’ll probably check out their extensive list of summer camps, classes and overnights.

So if you are looking for a place to get in out of the heat, or the rain for that matter, Great Lakes Science Center has something for most ages, and with free admission on Tuesdays, it really can’t be beat.

Until next time,



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