Asian Sun Tiger Tots

I need to start off by saying that there are two sports or abilities I feel are necessary to have my children learn.   Both relate to personal safety.   The first is swimming, the second is martial arts.     I don’t want my kids to drown and I want them to be able to defend themselves.    Secondarily, if my children take after the hubby and I, they are likely to be considered nerds growing up, and somehow to me, being able to say, “I have a black belt” when someone is threatening you is a boost to one’s self-confidence.

This brings me to Tiger Tots, the program offered through the many locations of Asian Sun throughout the Cleveland and Akron area (Beachwood, Brecksville, Green, Hudson, Montrose, Portage Lakes and Tallmadge to be specific).   It’s geared towards 2 1/2 to 5 year olds.   I was apprehensive at first as I wasn’t sure the kiddo had the attention span and patience to stick with a martial arts program at this age.   He’ll be turning 5 in a couple of months.  But, as a program through his preschool he gave it a shot and loves it!    Now he attends weekly at a nearby location.

Several things are great about this program.   You do not need to commit to a certain day each week.   Tiger Tots is offered on several different days each week, you just show up for whatever day is convenient for you that week.    But what’s best is that they really make it fun and gear it towards this age group.   The children learn forms, kicks, punches and blocks.   They are encouraged to “sit like a black belt” when it is not their turn and say, “Yes, Sir!” when they are given a command from their instructors.   Each session ends with a fun game as a reward, as well as adding stripes to their belts.   I was amazed that after 6 sessions the kiddo was ready to test for his next belt and even got to break a real board with his bare foot!    He loves earning his stripes each week and earning new belts whenever he tests, it has given him a real sense of accomplishment.

I’m so proud of him each time he goes to class, and so far the program has exceeded my expectations, so I wanted to pass this info on in case anyone out there is considering martial arts for their children.    Also, right now it looks like they are offering 6 weeks free plus a free uniform.  More info can be found at

Do your children do martial arts, if so, where and what’s your experience been?   Any other places we should recommend?

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  1. Glad your kids are enjoying it! I put my son in at age 4 for many of the same reasons, the entire time we were going to his first class he argued with me that “I don’t need classes, I know how to do this cause I watch ‘Walker’ ” at the end of class he was excited and wanted to know when he could go to the next class! He will turn 10 in Oct, got his first degree black belt last June and wants to go all the way to Masters! Asian Sun and the instructors are great, and take into account each persons abilities.

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