Fed Up

I am fed up with men who inadvertently insult me for being a stay at home mom and/or woman. The sad thing is that they don’t realize they are being insulting or sexist. Ironically, I guarantee I have a higher IQ than these men, that in my life I have been paid a higher salary than these men, and one day their children will work for mine.

In my professional life, I fortunately did not encounter men like this.   It’s only now, that I am a SAHM, that I do.

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  1. I can’t tell you how often I hear crap about being a stay at home…and my feelings are the same as you. During my professional life, I have a fabulous (high paid) career. Yet…insecure men have to put down women to feel better about themselves. So sad. It actually makes me feel worse when women say things to me (not sure why).
    Ignore ignore…..easier said than done though huh? Sorry you’re going through this!

    • Chrissy, just checked out your blog and I love it! I’m going to add it to my blogroll. Looks like we both love reviewing activities and we both have our hands full with two youngsters.

  2. Hey stranger! Colleen here from old “working” days….I do not know how I came across this blog this morning, but I did — searching activities for kids in Cleveland perhaps…howe are you? I am a full-time mother too and agree with this most recent post….except, it’s not just men! Lots of women are thinking it for sure, they just usually stop themselves before saying something really stupid. Although, I have been appauled by some things I have heard since being “home” (I only put that in quotes bc it’s not like we are chained to the house as it seems so many people also think!).This is the MOST challenging job and the best job I have ever had-period. I welcome any person who thinks it is “easy” to give it a shot for a week. Ha! But, like everything in life, people have to actually do it to get it. It can be a lot of fun too and I do NOT miss the “working world” for a minute. For me, this has been more rewarding than anything I can even imagine. My days doing it are numbered. Oldest is going to kindergarten this year and the 2 others are not that far behind. So I will be back at it soon enough, but so glad to have had this experience! In the scope of life, it’s so fast & has been so worth it! What’s new with you?

  3. Uh oh, what happened? I assure you that not only do you have a higher IQ but you also do more in a day than those men do in a week! Take heart, my friend, and know that we women – working or not – support you!

    • Thanks Monina! You know, these guys weren’t even blatantly insulting. But, if they would have said the exact same things to the man of the house, I think they would definitely be considered insulting. The first one assumed that my husband’s name is on our house and not mine. If a guy ever said to another guy, “well, your wife can sign this, it has to be the person whose name is on the house,” the recipient of that comment would either be offended or laugh it off because he’d obviously be telling a joke. He didn’t mean to be offensive, but there’s definitely a different way he could have brought that up and determined if both of our names were on the house. The other guy made a reference to, “those who pay the bills,” in relation to a service that would stay open later as a benefit to that group of people rather than open earlier so that those at home with young children could utilize it more. That comment, in context, was offensive to me because the ones who had submitted questions regarding a change in hours were all stay at home moms. Additionally, a change in hours (it was actually only one hour that changed in each direction) of this service has not encouraged more employed people to use the service, nor did it affect it two years ago when this was attempted.

      Neither situations were big deals, and I don’t get the impression these guys offended me on purpose. I just think that some guys don’t think about what their statements may infer about the other party involved. And then I know, hearing from friends, that there are men (and women) who blatantly question mothers who work, or make comments about women who stay at home. So I really wanted to post this to get a discussion going, because it stirred up a bit of conversation on Facebook..

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