Step2 Store in Streetsboro

After driving by the Step2 Store in Streetsboro every time I go to my sister’s house for as long as I can remember I finally decided to stop in.    Actually, I decided to stop in because my husband and I wanted to buy one of the heavy duty garbage cans that they make, in an attempt to keep the raccoons from eating our garbage, and an attempt to find something the garbage men can’t destroy.

The garbage can is awesome, and for $49.99 I certainly can’t complain about the price!  Our neighbors on both sides have them and the guys tell me that they hold up better than the other ones they’ve gone through.    This is the can, it’s called the Big 60:

Well, I obviously knew that Step2 sells toys, and I’ve purchased several from them in the past, having my sister conveniently pick them up for me.    What I didn’t realize until I went to the store is that, first off, you can get the best prices on their products by going directly to their store.    They have everything, out of the box, so you can see it.   They also have a clearance bin of half-off items, which are in good condition but the box may be banged up so they can’t sell it for full-price.   They also sell floor samples of some items throughout the year at a good discount.  And one last thing I didn’t realize, Infantino is a Step2 product, which means it is made in the USA.   It also means that if you go to the Step2 store, they have shelves full of Infantino products, and from what I could recall the prices were better than at other stores.

Step2 is really easy to get to, it’s right off of the Frost Road exit of 480, an exit away from I-80 (the turnpike).   I’d recommend that you stop by there if you are interested in getting some of their bigger items, Infantino baby toys, or need a really good garbage can!

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  1. I didn’t know there was a step 2 store! Thanks!

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