SPACES Fun Family Event This Saturday

Just received this, we’ll be at a birthday party but maybe you can go and come back here to write about it!

Fun family friendly event this Saturday at SPACES!

Brunch with Broken Instruments (Machine Project Event)
With Liz Glynn
Saturday, February 26, 2011, 11:00AM – 1:00PM
SPACES • 2220 Superior Viaduct • Cleveland, OH 44113

Food, and unmelodious melodies

Food from local foodies, restaurants, and food trucks, plus music. Come join LA artists Liz Glynn and Corey Fogel from Machine Project as we all share a delicious meal and play a tune – or something like it – on a broken instrument.

Liz and Corey will be playing on the instruments (which will be broken on Wednesday night during Destruction Karaoke at SPACES), and the public will be able to participate. Definitely a family friendly event! Hang out and play on Nate Page’s couchbleachers!

My 5-year old daughter Nora LOVES the couchbleachers! Liz and Corey are great with kids. Please come and have a fun Saturday brunch.



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