KidsGO Expo

I just found out about this event through the Cleveland Moms Like Me website, and am looking forward to going to check it out.    From the site:

This great event will be April 30th, 10a-6p at the Great Lakes Expo Center.

KidsGO will feature all of the things you need to get your kids “going” (schools, daycare, sports, enrichment activities, social groups, etc) all in one place!  (Like a bridal fair for moms)  But there will also be alot of family fun and activities!

The official site for the event is

The post on the Moms Like Me website asked for feedback on companies and exhibits one would like to see at the show.   It got me thinking about all of the neat things there are in Cleveland for our kids.   Here was my response:

“What a great concept!   I’m hoping to make it out there for the Expo.   There are so many great businesses and places in and around Cleveland that can offer hands-on exhibits for the kids, and give parents an idea of all the area has to offer for their children.    Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, the Children’s Museum, the Metroparks and Zoo, Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, etc.    The Natural History Museum, Zoo and LENSC all have animals I believe they can bring for hands-on activities too.   

There are also kids cooking classes in the area that could maybe do demonstrations?   Loretta Paganini, Young Chefs Academy and the Viking Cooking School all offer classes for kids.

In addition to Step2, Little Tikes and Build a Dream Playhouses are also based in the area.”

What would you want to see at an event like this? Will you be attending?

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  1. I am giving away tickets on my blog…

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