Are There Mommy Bloggers With Children Under 1?

So I find myself wondering these days, how many die-hard mommy bloggers have children under the age of 1?   Because, it seems like since the baby was born more than 10 months ago that I’ve gotten even worse at updating this blog!     And my vacation blog that I had, that I diligently updated for friends and family with photos of each and every day of our vacations…well the first vacation we took that I have yet to post is the one we took with the baby three months ago!

Does anyone else have this problem?  

I find what time I have is used trying to clean the house, cook meals, feed children, put children to sleep, and if I am lucky, watch Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice in 20 minute installments while I try to ride my stationary bike!

Then again, I don’t think of myself as a mommy blogger, I’m just a mom who blogs.

Until next time,



7 Responses

  1. I can totally relate – I am the mom of three: I have a son that will be 13 in April, a daughter that is 18 months and a son that is 8 months. Yes, I started over and my babies are only 10 months apart. I work full time and often travel for my job. I tried to start a blog for busy moms to give tips on things like what to have for dinner, how to keep up with the laundry, etc … and i find myself with such little time to do anything. I DVR the shows I like (which are not many because i have not had time to really get into anything) and watch them at 4:30 a.m. after I have gotten my husband off to work.

    so, to answer your question – yes I can totally relate to you!!

    • Thanks Jeneen…I think that would be one of my biggest fears, to have two children so close in age! I know it would be a blessing and something you learn to handle, but still scary, at least to me. Plus you work full-time and travel. God bless you woman!

      What’s the URL for your blog? I’d love to check it out and link to it in my blogroll.

  2. I can completely relate! We have a 9 month old and a 3.5 year old and I don’t think I’ve updated my blog in a year and a half (you are so kind as to have my blog on your blog roll too!). I have so many things I want to write about and I just never have the time – what little time I do have I want to spend with my family. I think the trick is writing mini blog posts until things slow down (or until I quit my job…which may never happen!). Any tips are appreciated!

    • Hi Jessica,

      It’s too bad you don’t have the time as I always enjoyed reading your blog! Especially when I used to have the time to read blogs. The only advice I can give is, the rare occasions when I find the time to write, I try to write several posts at one time and schedule them in advance to post a day or two apart. This way I have a week or so worth of blogs written all at once.

  3. needless to say having the babies so close was not planned – and although very exhausting – it is a blessing. They are so wonderful.

    Feel free to check out the blog – i would love any pointers on how to keep it going. I often feel like i am alone out there and I know that isn’t the case!!


    i don’t think this posted last time.

  5. Funny thing is I started blogging when my third child was 6 months old. But life was much simpler then.

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