Build a Dream Playhouse Party at The Children’s Museum of Cleveland

Local Company Invites Children to Think and Play INSIDE the Box at The Children’s Museum of Cleveland!

University Circle – You are invited to join hundreds of other kids for an exciting party at The Children’s Museum of Cleveland from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm on Saturday, November 20, 2010 to launch a new, innovative and unique kid-driven product created by two young entrepreneurs right here in Cleveland.

Activities taking place at this family-friendly fun event include the chance to meet and talk with the creators of Build a Dream Playhouses. In addition, you will have the opportunity to color your own Build A Dream Playhouse. Snacks, drinks, awesome door prizes and FREE goody bags (while supplies last) will also be provided – ALL INCLUDED FREE with your paid Museum admission or membership!

Countless childhood memories flow from the simple act of playing in a box; a shared outlet for children’s creativity since the creation of cardboard. From traveling through time, to flying through space, to sailing the open seas, a child’s imagination allows a cardboard box to transcend all that is material. With that in mind, Build a Dream Playhouses is launching the most innovative, fresh, and fun playhouses on the market, right in our own backyard.

In collaboration with world famous local company Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates, the Smurfit Stone Container Corporation’s Ravenna plant, and a group of 3 to 9 year old children, Build a Dream Playhouses was created with the belief that imaginative play is absolutely critical to the developing minds of children. This line of products is centered on creativity and imagination, and is completely kid-driven. Build a Dream Playhouses supplies the palate for children to paint their dreams, and ideas for the playhouses can be generated from children all over the world. It is truly amazing to continuously see the products transform into unique, one-of-a-kind playhouses.

Build a Dream Playhouses was founded by Cleveland father and entrepreneur Mike Welsh, a man dedicated to Cleveland, the State of Ohio, and the creativity of all children. Welsh was inspired to launch Build a Dream Playhouses by the creativity and imagination of his own son and his son’s many friends.

To achieve that, and reflecting on his city’s hard times, he recruited two bright, ambitious, and innovative college students, Andy Carcioppolo and Sam Cahill, who had been lifelong friends. Andy graduated from Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business, while Sam recently finished his degree from The Cleveland Institute of Art’s industrial design program. After working on the project for a few months, they realized that they had a unique and promising opportunity to stay in the city that they love.

“We believe that creating jobs in Cleveland, in the State of Ohio, and ultimately across the globe is an important part of Build a Dream Playhouses”, says COO Andy Carcioppolo. “We’re thrilled to have an opportunity to do that in our hometown and to be a part of helping our region grow and thrive, while bringing smiles to the faces of children at the same time”.

Cardboard allows their products to be colored, painted, decorated, and customized to please every child’s dreams. Corrugated cardboard is also extremely durable and safe for children. Each and every product is tested to conform to the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Build a Dream Playhouses has also gone the extra mile to do further testing not mandated by law, to ensure the safety of their products that we bring to market.

As a company, Build a Dream Playhouses also has a commitment to the environment. Their products are manufactured from 80% recycled materials, resulting in an end product that is 100% recyclable. Their distribution center is located only 38 miles away from the manufacturer, which drastically reduces the fuel consumption required to ship their products.

Visit for purchasing information.       I’m so excited that another manufacturer of children’s toys has opened up in the Cleveland area!    I already love Step2 and Little Tikes!

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