How Do Mommy Bloggers Do It?

I’m so sad when I come to my blog and see that it’s been weeks, or even months, since I’ve written last.    With a nearly 4 year-old and  now a 3 month-old added to the mix, I would rather nap, or cook, than write.    Sometimes I am lucky enough to get the baby to nap while Grandma is here, so I can get away with the kiddo for a little while, to the pool or the playground or just to visit the neighbors.

So, I don’t know if anyone misses me, but I do miss writing, and I do miss reading some of my favorite Cleveland moms’ blogs.

So to Mom2Amara, Renata, Classy Chaos and others, I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting as often as I’d like.   Maybe in a few months I’ll find some sort of balance again!

Until next time,



One Response

  1. Ha ha ha! Have you seen how long it’s been since I’ve written! And when I have a moment online, I’d rather look at other blogs than write. I think I’ve hit a lazy moment. It makes me sad too but we all know sometimes “life” gets in the way! Hope you’re well!

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