The Good Enough Mother

Seriously, sometimes I am amazed when I Google something I’m going through or have experienced and it turns out the exact same day someone else has posted about it online. So remember, next time you are going through something, Google it…you are not alone, and sometimes knowing that is good enough. 😉

The article: The Good Enough Mother

Have you reached the point where you realize perfection is not only impossible but an unhealthy goal for yourself and your family?   This year I’ve gone through a very similar situation to that mentioned in the article above with our kiddo.   He’s bright and social, but he acts like a typical 3 year-old boy.    And unfortunately, the upcoming birth of his brother probably isn’t helping his situation.     I always try to remember that whatever adults feel in any given situation, children feel also, though they may not always express it verbally.   Fortunately, he does ask when the baby is coming and tells us how excited he is to meet him.    Funny that the hubby and I feel the exact same way…and funny that we are both stressed about this as well.    

Fortunately, his teacher at preschool is wonderful and is working patiently with him, encouraging us that his behavior is typical for both his age and the situation of the upcoming sibling.    But at the same time, it’s been difficult for me to pick him up each day and hear that he’s hit someone or having difficulty focusing, etc.   It hasn’t been much fun the past two weeks to feel the need to discipline the kiddo daily by giving or taking away a privilege in an attempt to curb his behavior when all I want to do is enjoy these last few days we have left together before the chaos of having a newborn.  Particularly when he’s being relatively good at home.   So, yesterday I decided, so long as he is making some sort of progress with his behavior at school, I will encourage him and consider it good enough, for the both of us, at least until we all get settled into a routine again.    

Have you had any experience with any or all of this?   

Until next time,



2 Responses

  1. Hi Lorelei,

    Thanks for the link. Finally someone was able to articulate what a good (or good enough) mother is.

    I didn’t experience the hitting thing, but maybe I would have if my kids went to preschool. Hitting siblings doesn’t count 🙂
    (and no, they have never hit the baby)

    • Thanks Renata! The issues at school magically went away the day our baby was born. I guess the teacher was right! Amazing.

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