Mater’s Tall Tales Short Films Online

The 3 year-old kiddo is becoming quite proficient with using the computer.   He can already use the touchpad on my laptop better than I can, and learned to use a mouse when he was about 2 1/2. 

What I hate to say is that we largely have YouTube and other children’s online video sites to thank for this.   There have been several days now where I’ve set up my laptop at the kitchen table while cooking dinner and allowed him to visit the Disney Cars Toons channel on YouTube:

There’s also one of the latest shorts, called “Tokyo Mater” that hasn’t made it onto that page, but is well worth checking out at:

If you, or your child, enjoy the movie “Cars” as much as we do, check out the links above.   And maybe you can even use it as an incentive to teach your kids how to point and click!

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  1. I didn’t even realize that they made shorts using the film characters. How interesting!

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