The Sand Box is Back at Children’s Museum!

Over the holiday break from the kiddo’s preschool we took a trip with a friend and her daughter to The Children’s Museum of Cleveland.   We happen to have a family membership, and it has been well worth it.  Particularly for an active three year-old who wants to get into everything, it is a great place.   It’s nice to go somewhere and not have to constantly say, “No, please don’t touch that.   Oh, be careful.  No, you can’t touch that either.”  He’d actually requested to go to a museum while he was on break, specifically the “one with the water table.” 

Anyhow, I post this because I wanted to let everyone know that the indoor sand exhibit has returned, this time dubbed “Sandasaurus.”   So if you are longing for your kids to play at the beach and have no warm-weather plans anytime soon, or your kids really miss the sandbox, check it out.   An entire ROOM where the floor is completely filled with sand.   And what’s best, you don’t have to clean up the mess afterwards!    If you’re longing to splash in the water too, check out the room with the big water table.

Until next time,



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