House For Sale in Kamms Corners West Park

Was contacted by Missy from Kamms Corners asking some advice about selling our home in West Park and offered to post her home info, looks like a great house!

Its a great deal for someone because you can basically buy this house for 250K for the same monthly payment as a 180K house in Lakewood or Rocky River because you don’t pay property taxes.Here is the deal – we bought it for 244K in 2004. It had a 15 year tax abatement, now that we’ve lived here for 5 years there is 10 years left and it is transferable. We have it listed (with a realtor) at $249,900. Here is the site I created for it, the MLS data is on it too.

The hubby seems to think the tax abatement aspect is a good deal too. 

Here’s the MLS listing:

From the pics, looks like it has a deck out back with a nice-sized fenced-in backyard, laundry/utility room, finished basement with bar, gorgeous master bath and large eat-in kitchen which opens up to the deck.  

I checked out the location on a map too, off of Rocky River Drive, a few blocks from Lorain Avenue, near Kamms Corners Shopping plaza and the news bars/pubs/restaurants in that area.   I’m surprised we didn’t look at these when we moved to West Park initially, but then again, we were looking for an all brick home at the time.    If you’re looking in the area for something a bit larger and newer, and can afford the price tag, I’d suggest you check it out!

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  1. Looks like a beautiful home. Good luck to her, hope she finds a buyer soon.

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