Two Thoughts Today

I was looking at old photos as I was moving some boxes into the new house, and in the background of one in the band room of my old high school was a sign that read as follows:

“If only the best birds sang in the forest, the forest would be a quiet place”

I don’t know if I’d ever noticed that sign in the background of the photo, but found it funny I should notice it now.  I often get down on myself for not being the smartest (at least by comparison to the hubby), or being the best at whatever, but only a small few are.  What a boring world we’d live in if only the best birds sang…besides that, not much would ever get done!  Because much of the work is done by the rest of us, not necessarily by the best of us.

My second thought is this, how blessed are we in life if we can be surrounded by good people who care for us.   Everything else is gravy.

Until next time,



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