Unthin KFC?

I just got this link forwarded to me from one of my friends.   It’s a promo on Oprah’s website for a free two piece grilled chicken meal at KFC.  http://www.oprah.com/article/oprahshow/20090430-tows-kfc-coupon-download

I had to laugh.  What I find most amusing is the URL that KFC has set up to download the coupon…they are obviously trying to promote their new “healthy” alternative to fried chicken…Oprah’s site tells you to “Go to unthinkfc.com to download your coupon”  — It’s related to the new catch phrase: Unthink what you thought about KFC, but reads as un-thin KFC.   Nice.  I’m sure they several several million bucks for that campaign too.  When I first saw the unthinkfc.com URL, I thought for sure it was a joke website, but nope, it’s real.

Too funny.

Until next time,



2 Responses

  1. Lorelei –
    Hilarious! I heard about Oprah’s giveaway, but didn’t catch the URL! I wonder if anyone is going to get fired over this one!

  2. there was an excessive lot of drama tied up in this free grilled chicken episode (from KGC); it certainly demonstrates Oprah’s sway over the general public

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