Steve’s Gyros at the West Side Market

This past Saturday the hubby and I packed up the toddler for our annual Easter weekend trip to the West Side Market.  We parked in our usual spot down the street, since the parking lot is always packed the day before Easter.  It’s become my duty the past few years to purchase the traditional “lamb cake” from Cake Royale to bring to my sister’s house for the holiday.  

As we entered the indoor area of the market, the delicious smell hit us as usual.  But this time, we decided to actually grab lunch to bring home with us.   We had to decide between sausage hoagies at Frank’s Bratwurst or Steve’s Gyros.   We went with Steve’s Gyros, apparently these things are considered the best gyros in the country by both Maxim Magazine and Continental Airlines Magazine.  For $7, the regular gyro was huge, it had enough meat in it for two gyros.   The meat was piled up in chunks, and the cucumber sauce had a nice kick to it.   I’ll definitely have to go there for lunch again.   I already love going to the West Side Market Cafe for brunch, and next time I’m going to have to try a sausage hoagie as well!   Mmm…I’m getting hungry.  I love that place.

Until next time,



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