Taking Kids Out to Eat

The hubby and I have recently discovered (during our trip to Great Wolf Lodge), a new secret to keeping the toddler happy while going out to eat…that little DVD player that works so well on the airplane also keeps him happy until his food comes at the restaurant. Another trick that the hubby was impressed by…order the toddler’s food right away, then take care of my own selection and ordering.

We still love Red Robin, and have also been successful at Chili’s. The toddler has also done well at Great Lakes Brewing Company for lunch and Bob Evans for breakfast, this having been before we owned a portable DVD player. Places like bars with restaurants, like GLBC or Winking Lizard, can actually work well, since they are noisy and no one goes there for a quiet evening out.

Cool Cleveland offers some additional options in this week’s issue of the newsletter. Maybe the hubby and I will try taking the toddler over to Little Italy when the hubby has some time off next week…I could go for some Mama Santa’s lasagna!

Any new fave restaurants for taking the kiddos out?  My neighbors’ kid digs The Red Lantern in Kamms Corner, and another neighbor liked taking his kids to George’s Kitchen to teach them how to behave when going out to eat.

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4 Responses

  1. We usually have success whenever we go to a crowded/loud restaurant (Geraci’s, Tommy’s, yours truly). Whenever we go out we take markers and/or crayons and a pad of paper. As long as she’s eating or coloring she’s happy! She even draws on herself sometimes, which is fine with me if it gets me through dinner. To be honest though, we haven’t taken her to a fancy restaurant (without my mom in tow to help) since she was an infant. Now it’s just easier to leave her at home with a grandma. Good luck!

  2. Tricky, Lori. Tricky. Most people I’ve worked for have asked me not to order for the kids first, because once they eat their meal, they’re powered up and ready to run–before our food has even come. Eating out is really hard…but we’ve talked about this.

    Do I eat out with kids? Almost every day.

    How do we get through? I have no idea. If I can focus during dinner enough to remember, you’ll be the first to know. : )

    • Yep, we’ve talked, and you know how rare it is that we take the toddler out to eat! 🙂 But, we also only take him places where we know our food will get out shortly after his (read: fast)…since he takes so long to eat, he ends up getting done about the same time we do, or shortly before. The DVD player has allowed us to at least have some small level of adult conversation for a few minutes while we’re at the restaurant and allows us to get out of the house without having to ask for our food to-go.

  3. You know what’s so funny? I realized the other day that the moments that the kids and I are having the most fun (out in public) are when we’re all talking and they’re included in the topic of conversation/leading it.

    But we discuss things like “crayons” and “why trees look the way they do.” We sound like a bunch of college kids in a coffee shop taking ‘the meaning of life’ very seriously. What’s an adult coversation? Aye, aye, aye!

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