Potty Training

This little story was too funny not to share.   Today I had a painted come in to give me an estimate on painting several rooms of our home, of course, now that we plan to sell it in the next year and I won’t really get to enjoy it.  Oh well.  If all goes well, it should be done next week.  And if it turns out well, I’ll post the painter’s info here too.

But, the toddler is currently really getting into the potty training and I’m very impressed, as he won’t be 3 until August, and he’s a boy.  Just this week, he’s become fairly consistent in excusing himself to go potty when he feels the urge, without us having to ask him to go.  Today however, this resulted in what could have been a quite embarrassing situation.  The potty is currently sitting in our living room.  As I was escorting the painter through the various rooms, we walked back into the living room, where the toddler was standing with his pants down around his ankles.  I became aware of this as I heard the painter say, “Pull up your pants kid.”   To which the toddler responded, “look, I pooped” and held up the removable container from the potty, and he had indeed pooped.

Fortunately, the painter is a kind guy and has a sense of humor.  But, this is the first time the toddler has met this person, and I found it amusing how very comfortable he had already become around him.  And I thought it was amusing when the painter first arrived that the toddler wanted to “show him my truck paintings.”

Like I said, I’ll let you know how the painting goes.

Until next time,



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  3. If you have #2 covered then your worries are over. Ironically, as I was reading it, my daughter came to tell me she had filled her diaper 🙂

  4. Healthy Moms and Baby Signs is teaming up for Potty Time Tuesdays this week. We are giving away a Potty Training Success Kit valued at $39.95. If you are potty training your child participate in Potty Time Tuesday this week and enter to win the kit. Winner will be chosen and announced on Tuesday April 7.

    Visit: http://www.thehealthymoms.net/2009/03/potty-time-tuesday-win-potty-training.html for complete details.

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