Great Wolf Lodge

A few weeks ago, after looking into room rates last week for the various indoor waterpark resorts in Sandusky, we decided on Great Wolf Lodge.  From what I hear, it is apparently a bit smaller than Kalahari, but then again, the rates were too, and the toddler seemed very happy there.  If you have the flexibility of going on a weekday during a time when the rest of the world is in school, then it seems like you can get a pretty good rate and avoid dealing with a crowd.

We headed out there last Wednesday night and stayed in a room with two queen beds for $149.  That included our admission to the waterpark on both Wednesday and Thursday.  Since the toddler can only handle being in the water for an hour or so at a time before he begins to get cold/tired/hungry, we got there around 4pm, just in time for check-in, played for an hour and a half, cleaned up and grabbed dinner down the road at Chili’s.   We were happy that there were so many family-friendly restaurants within a mile’s drive of the hotel.  We were able to go otu for dinner, then come back and swim for another hour before heading to the lobby for the nightly storytime and an ice cream cone.  Then it was time for bath and bed. 

The next morning, we had time to get in another hour at the waterpark before the 11am check-out.   For us, this worked out well.  For others, who might want to spend more than an hour at a time at the indoor waterpark, you can actually arrive when it opens on your check-in day and stay until it closes on your check-out day.   There are lockers you can rent and changing rooms.   The admission to the waterpark area is included in the room rate, in our case, it would have included 4 admissions had we had 4 people with us.

There were plenty of kids of varying ages up to tweens running around having fun.   I’d definitely recommend it, and we’re planning to return next year when the toddler is tall enough to ride more of the “big kid” slides that he missed out on this year.

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