St. Patrick’s Day in Cleveland

Last night my sister called me up to see if I was going to take the toddler downtown for Cleveland’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.  I told her no, that he would be going to school today and I would be doing housework.  I actually wanted to clean the gutters, to which she reminded me that I should not be doing alone, in case I should fall and break my neck.  Best to at least have someone around to call 911.

Anyhow, she used to love the St. Patrick’s Day parade, cutting school, spraying her hair green, heading downtown.  My first time actually seeing the parade was only a few years ago, when I was working downtown and was able to catch it on my lunch hour or watch it from my office window. 

Today is the first St. Patrick’s Day that I have been home in my Irish-Catholic neighborhood since we moved here nearly 6 years ago.  I’ve spent all but one at work, the one spent not at work I was at a funeral of a lovely Irish woman.  I only grew up 10 minutes from here, but this neighborhood is different.  I had to run into Walgreens this morning, and I happened to put on a green shirt, lest I be labeled an outcast.  As I was walking in, a woman said to me, “this must be the Irish corner.”  I have to admit, of the hubby and I,  I definitely look the most Irish.  However, I have not an ounce of Irish in me.  But I do blend in well on this holiday, and everyone’s Irish on March 17th.  The hubby, on the other hand, is about 25% Irish, and the toddler definitely inherited some Irish as well.  He probably favors the hubby’s grandparents in looks more than anything.

Where I grew up, the only kids you saw on St. Patrick’s Day were the majority of the students in our high school heading across the street to the house where the party guy lived.  I was one of those few kids still sitting in the classroom watching my classmates funneling into that house.  

Around here, many of the kids go to Catholic school, which means that they get the day off.  So, in Walgreens, there were several kids with green hair, and as I drove down Lorain, I realized I should attempt to avoid that strip of road today if I don’t want to get stuck in traffic.  Lots of girls all gussied up in cute green outfits, and kids randomly walking down the street.   I’m sure the bars along that road, particularly the Irish pub, will be quite busy. 

It’s a lot of fun, and almost makes me want to get out on this beautiful day and appreciate the one last St. Patrick’s Day we’ll be celebrating in this house before moving to another suburb where I’ll assume it isn’t such a big deal.

I’ll miss our neighborhood when we leave. 

Until next time,



One Response

  1. Be careful cleaning those gutters!

    And I feel ya. I’m not Irish, but I have worked every St Patrick’s day. Occupational hazard I suppose.

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