Playhouse Disney Live at Wolstein Center

The toddler is a huge fan of Little Einsteins, since we don’t have cable, he has several of the DVD’s.  I wonder how much of the show will include them.  If I don’t have anything going on for March 28th, it might be nice to get a couple of the “cheap seats.”

Disney Live! Winnie The Pooh

Celebrate with your Playhouse Disney Pals when Playhouse Disney Live! comes to the Wolstein Center on Saturday, March 28 for 3 great shows! Playhouse Disney Live! brings audiences into the colorful worlds of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, My Friends Tigger & Pooh and Handy Manny. Bring the whole family down!

March 28

11:30 AM, 2:30PM & 5:30PM

Ticket Prices
$47-Front Row (Very Limited Number), $37-VIP Floor, $25 – $45 Lower Level, $15 – $25 Upper Level
Groups of 15+ will receive a $3.00 discount on the $15, $20, or $25 dollar seats. For more group information call 216-687-5498.


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  1. a few days before the event if you don’t have tickets check out ebay. We got tickets to Dora Live (quite a few years ago) off of eBay for pretty cheap. A friend of mine also gets most of his tickets on Ebay last minute because you get such a deal. Good luck!

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