Choosing an Indoor Water Park

The hubby has suggested that we spend a night at one of the several indoor waterparks within reasonable driving distance from our home.   Can anyone recommend which would be best for the toddler and his little friend to hang out and splash about?

My options are:

  • Great Wolf Lodge – Sandusky, OH
  • Kalahari  – Sandusky, OH
  • Castaway Bay – Sandusky, OH
  • Splash Lagoon – Erie, PA

We’ll either be going next week or sometime in April, hopefully during the week when it’s less crowded!

Until next time,



5 Responses

  1. I have heard great things about Great Wolf & Castaway Bay. As for Kalahari-I personally would not recommend them. Our younger daughter fell while there and broke two of her teeth. While I know it isn’t their fault that she fell, the response of the staff, things that were said to my then 8 year old (about how she looked like a monster-this was the manager mind you) and promises that were made to my 8 year old that were never followed through on. (The manager promised her that he would comp us another stay once she was all better. Which he “forgot” about when it was all said and done) I have since emailed them and spoke with managers who all have basically said “Sorry that guy promised you stuff, but he isn’t with our company anymore and so you are welcome to come back at full price”

    Hope you have a fun & safe trip no matter where you go.

    • Yeek, I am sorry to hear that! Thanks for sharing your experience.

      It’s looking like Great Wolf has some good rates for the times we are looking for, particularly for next week. Wherever we choose, I’ll make sure to write about our experience there afterwards!

  2. I know Heather had a bad experience there but my family has loved Kalahari. They have a wading pool just for toddlers and it’s easy for moms to sit on the edge of the toddler pool and not actually be in the midst of the action. We actually had a problem with our room and they rectified it immediately.

    I have not been to Castaway Bay but I hear it needs a lot of updating…

  3. Hi Lori…I just stumbled over here from your Facebook page. First off, great blog. When my wife and I have kids, I am going to be doing the stay at home dad thing, since I mainly work from home as it is. So, I enjoy reading the stay at home parent adventures. As far as as the water parks go. We have been to Kalahari twice. Granted we do not have children yet, but we very much enjoyed it. They do have a whole area set for little ones that is very fun. They have activities, movie nights, cookie decorating and a bunch of other kid friendly things.

  4. We’ve only been to Greatwolf Lodge but loved it each time. They have some great areas for the little ones!

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