Anyone Looking for New Neighbors?

In particular, anyone in the Brecksville-Broadview Heights school district looking for new neighbors?  Because, the hubby and I are going to start looking at homes in that area, since his commute has been pretty bad this past winter.   We’ve decided we need to move along I-77,  somewhere between Cleveland and Akron to be closer to his work.  We’ve also discussed how much we like our current neighbors, and that choosing a neighborhood will be as important, if not more, than choosing the actual house.  We’ve learned this from friends of ours who bought a new home in one of the ‘burbs only to realize their personalities didn’t fit in with their neighbors’ and they are now ready to move, again.  Something about having neighbors asking what kind of floors and countertops they had, when all of the homes on the street are built by the same builder…among other strange stories that sound strangely like an episode of Desperate Housewives.  And apparently relocating 6-7 homes of our current neighbors isn’t an option.

So, anyone out there who thinks they’d like to have me, a hubby and a toddler as neighbors?   Or at least can recommend neighborhoods or streets with some nice, friendly neighbors, kids running around and no flooding?  Sorry I had to throw that last one in there, but a friend of mine who lives in Brecksville showed me photos of asphalt drifting down her street in one of the floods.

Thanks for any advice you have!

Until next time,



2 Responses

  1. While it would be neat to have you as a neighbor we are far to west for your liking. We are along 480-hubby works in Brecksville-takes him about 45 min for his commute

  2. I just wanted to say good luck since I know you won’t be venturing towards Avon 🙂

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