Home is Where Your Friends Are

Sometimes I contemplate not writing a blog.   I am sure at some point this will happen.   The reason being is, among the numerous reasons I had for resigning, one was that I grew tired of feeling like I was being beaten up by complete strangers as it related to my work.  This was a very minor complaint, but something I am relieved to no longer have to deal with.   Periodically, various websites choose to link to my blog, this week it was the PD.   I don’t ask anyone to link here.  I checked to see what it was that they pulled from my blog and found it here:


It looks like someone commented who seemed offended regarding my having returned from 3 weeks in Hawaii and being happy to see the snow, due to the state of the economy.  I think they were offended that this is what the PD chose to pull regarding what local bloggers are saying. 

Anyhow, I was sincere in what I said, and I really did cry when we landed.   Home is where your friends are, and Cleveland is my home.   As we landed, I ran through a list of friends in my head who I just couldn’t wait to see.   My neighbors in West Park who watched my house for 3 weeks because they are just awesome people.   My son’s little friend and her parents who I adore, friends from church, and my friends who I grew up with.   And now, thanks to this blog, friends I have discovered online.   

I get tired of reading the negativity spewed around this city, I see enough of the realities of life at my church and in my own family.  So, if you don’t like what I have to say, don’t read this blog.   It’s that simple.  I won’t care.   Just don’t bash me if you’ve never met me.   And I’m sorry if you don’t think I’m a gifted writer or person, because, well, you don’t know me and frankly, who cares.  My friends know me.  Which is why I was so happy to be home. 

Until next time,



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  1. Lorelei,

    I am avid blog reader. As a pastor and church planter, I read lots of church, culture, and ministry related blogs but my most favorite to read are blogs like yours — real people with real lives that they are sharing through their blog. I, too live in West Park and have a toddler as well. We actually have three (2, 5, and 7 years old) and one on the way.

    Keep sharing your story! You’re doing great. And, you’re right. There’s way too much negative stuff in Cleveland. We all could use some good news!

    Dan Ghramm

  2. That is crazy! From what I’ve heard, the people who comment on cleveland.com are mostly those who complain. I just started writing on the Parents Network site (part in thanks to your link to my blog on your site, I think 🙂 ) So we’ll see what they have to say about my writing! I smiled when I read your blog on this topic – I thought it was really sweet that you could appreciate the snow once again (it’s nice to get away from it once in a while!). Anyway, please keep writing!

  3. Lorelei! I am shocked! I followed the link to the Plain Dealer…it was just a random article–not a big deal. To hear such crazy back lash with such jealous undertones was bizzare! Your original post was very moving to me. I understand the joy of coming home. I cry when I go to and from Cleveland, too! Your post had nothing to do with anything other than blessings, celebration, love, and appreciation. I am saddened to think that someone caused you even a moment of discomfort with their ignorant, out of context comment. Shame on them. And hooray for you for sharing with us your personal moment with all of us! You’re very brave, and very blessed. And I’m blessed to have you in my life! Thank you! *Hug*

  4. I’ve lived in Cleveland for 3 years now after moving around the Northeast and realized very quickly that this town can be summed up in one word – NEGATIVE. And it has nothing to do with the current state of the economy. Too many locals are bitter about their own lives and instead of trying to improve the situation and think positively, they instead decide to hate anyone that has good fortune in their lives. People complain that Cleveland sucks…wake up Cleveland residents! Do something about it and start by improving your attitudes!!

    Lorelei – thank you for your blog and sharing your feelings and experiences. I find them to be uplifting and real. I especially enjoy your positive view of the city and your efforts to find all of its benefits.

  5. Girl, don’t let them get you down.

    I too wonder when I will stop blogging. But my reasons are different than yours. But the negativity is a web downfall. These people don’t know you. Heck, I hardly know you. But I do know that you are true to yourself and are a good mama. And you should not listen to those hecklers.

    Keep your chin up….at least long enough to buy us time to meet up for lunch!

    • Having time to blog is another reason I question how long I’ll keep doing it. But we do still have to do lunch. Let’s set it up!

  6. […] I need to begin with an explanation.  Thanks to the hubby’s work, we have been blessed to travel to Hawaii for two weeks each year for the past four years.   While we are there he works in the evenings but we get to enjoy family time together when he isn’t working.   Three years ago I had posted about returning from Hawaii and being grateful to be back in Cleveland and see the big fluffy white snowflakes and just to be home in general.    The PD linked to it and someone made a snarky comment and have since basically felt as though I committed blog suicide here:  https://clevelandmom.wordpress.com/2009/02/23/home-is-where-your-friends-are/. […]

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