The Children’s Museum of Cleveland

The toddler and I made it over to The Children’s Museum of Cleveland on Wednesday.  I was excited to take him there for the Sandstruction exhibit they have going on right now.   Once he saw that he was allowed to remove his shoes and socks before going in, he was very happy.   I’ll have to keep that in mind if we ever try to visit a playground with a sandbox!  Anyhow, he was much happier once another little boy started to play with him.  That’s the one problem I am finding with taking him out to do things, he doesn’t enjoy them nearly as much if he doesn’t other kids to share the experience with.  I guess that means I am going to have to start setting up playdates.   He doesn’t even like going to the playground by himself, unless I am willing to run around like a crazy woman with him, as I often willingly do.   Unfortunately for him, the other children at the museum seemed content playing by themselves, which is what he already does at home, so I can understand his disappointment at the lack of interaction.   But the exhibit itself was really cool, and perfect for a kid who just got back from playing at the beach.  

What a great idea to put together a huge room full of sand, for kids to play in during the cold winter months!


We got a family membership while we were there, so hopefully we’ll have more adventures to the museum to share in the future.

Until next time,



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  1. Sounds like a really nice time. Sadly I have only been there twice. Once with our homeschooling group and then later with a field trip once the girls were in school again. We really should make an effort to go a bit more often.

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