Giving UPS a Second Chance

So, after a very nice woman at UPS left a comment on my blog post titled UPS Sucks, I was able to get the answers that I wanted, which was nice.   She connected me via email with someone who was able to not only answer my questions accurately, making sure my package arrived in Hawaii before I departed for Cleveland, but also understood the urgency and importance of my issue, and additionally offered to make up for the error by reimbursing the shipping charges.

I guess I really had just wanted someone to admit they made a mistake, and to make an attempt to fix it.   It’s not that hard.  That’s what customer service should be all about.   And because these two kind ladies made the extra effort, I was finally able to relax a bit while on vacation.  And since I’ll now give UPS a second chance and take back my boycott, if I ever have an issue again, I’ll know who to call.   😉

BTW, in the midst of the various customer service people I did speak with leading up to this, some were clearly trying to be helpful, I just don’t know that they had access to the level of information that I needed.   And when you are trying to track down $500 worth of meds, that can be a bit frustrating.   I am glad that these two women acknowledged this, to the degree that they both even followed up with me after the package was signed for to make sure it made it into my hands.

Just wanted to put it out there that my boycott is revoked and my mom has her meds.

Until next time,


2 Responses

  1. glad to hear that they straightened things out. Doesn’t it make you feel so good when people actually right the wrongs.

  2. Hi Lorelei:

    Thanks for posting the update about your experience with UPS! I’m so glad we were able to help you. But more importantly, I’m really glad you got to enjoy your vacation.

    Debbie Curtis-Magley
    UPS Public Relations

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