UPS Sucks

Remind me to never ever use UPS.   They suck.   I vow now to use FedEx from this point forward.   UPS has done the magnificent job of completely screwing up a shipment of $500 worth of medication for my mother who is on vacation with us and no one there can help me, or rectify the situation.   I’ve now had to spend $130 on enough meds to get her through vacation.  I’ve spent the past two days, while on vacation, on the phone with people who have no ability to help me.   It’s visible by logging onto their website and looking at the tracking that UPS has screwed up and is at fault, and all that can be done is to transfer me from one place to another.   Somehow the package got changed from 2nd Day Air to ground (out to Hawaii!) before it left Ohio.   I get it that the package can’t be changed to air while it’s traveling on the ground.   But, if an intercept can occur once the package arrives on Oahu, several days after we’ve already left for the Big Island, shouldn’t UPS cover the charges, and perhaps even offer to cover charges to have it overnighted to us at our location?   At least, if there was good customer service there they would.  

 I’ve steamed.   Point being, I will never use UPS.   I feel confident that FedEx would have done a better job and the package would have actually arrived here when it was supposed to.


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  1. I’m so sorry to read about your frustrations with your UPS shipment. I work for UPS and I want to help you get this problem resolved.

    If you’d like my help, please contact me at

    • It looks as though the shipment should make it to us on the Big Island before we leave, which at this point is all that I can ask for. But, UPS wasn’t helpful in accomplishing this at all. Plus, I will have to login and check the trackign daily to make sure it does in fact get to us in time. If it looks like it won’t, you can be sure I’ll be contacting you. In the meantime, my sister, who made the shipment, will be dealing with UPS on the billing end to make sure she is reimbursed for this error.


  2. You needed a Loli…

    • As we were landing in Cleveland today I thought of you and started crying. I miss you!!! We’ll have to talk. The last few days were pretty rough. I do indeed need a Loli!

  3. OMG with UPS finding your post, did it help at all? Or did it resolve itself on its own? I’m sorry you went thru all of that!

    • It did help actually. Once I was able to talk to the right people, through the person who contacted me via this post, we were at least able to make sure that the shipment made it to us before we headed back to Cleveland, ironically, where the package originated from. They were also nice enough to reimburse us for the cost of the shipping. My sister was on the phone with the regular customer service folks at UPS daily too, as I had also done up until I wrote that post, so who knows, maybe the package would have made it to us in time anyhow. But it was nice to have someone acknowledge that there was an error, and the importance of correcting that error. At that point, beyond having the package in my hand, that was all I wanted. Just admit someone did something wrong and make an effort to fix it, ya know?

  4. […] 19, 2009 by clevelandmom So, after a very nice woman at UPS left a comment on my blog post titled UPS Sucks, I was able to get the answers that I wanted, which was nice.   She connected me via email with […]

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