My First Day As a SAHM

I kept the toddler home with me today because he continues to have a cough and yesterday a bit of a fever.   My first day as a SAHM, and, somehow I’ve fared more poorly then I did as a mom with a career…my son has eaten nothing all day but a cookie, made a mess at Best Cuts as well as at First Watch where we met a friend for lunch.   Then again, the hubby would have never ventured out of the house with the toddler, let alone to take him to Best Cuts or a restaurant for a sit-down meal.   So, other than the cookie he stole while dropping grandma off this morning, maybe I’m not doing so badly after all!

Ok, time to pack for vacation…because the absolute best way to leave a job, if possible,  is to choose to stay home with your child, and then leave almost immediately for vacation.  You get to leave on a positive note, and then look forward to getting away instead of looking back on what you left behind.  I figure, I don’t have to get life settled until sometime mid-February now!

Until next time,



3 Responses

  1. Have a great vacation!
    And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, and the kind comment on your blog when you tagged me. I’m a bit slow with this stuff, but I will be working on getting my tagged post up.

  2. Where are you off to? Have a great vacay!

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