My Head Hurts

I spent most of yesterday documenting various tasks of my job, putting it down on “paper” in Microsoft Word, plus 2 1/2 hours doing a brain dump on social media this morning to a fellow co-worker. Quite fortunately, the co-worker is smart and picked up on 6 months worth of knowledge and work in that time. But, as I said to her at the end of our meeting, I feel like a computer that is getting its hard drive files transfered. I’d have to imagine if I had an MRI done of my brain as I am going through this process that my brain would be lit up like a big light bulb, as I never have to access all of this information at one time as I am doing now, so I feel as though so many areas of thought are all trying to process at once. It’s like it’s all been stored there subconciously, after eight years so much has become rote, and now I actually have to dig it up and think through each minute detail.

Tired and I’m not making any sense.

Until next time,



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