Free 6 Pack Zoya Seasonal Sampler Code

Get a 6 pack Zoya Seasonal Sampler ($36 Value) free with the purchase the new Zoya Color Lock System, the complete kit for making nail polish wear on natural nails for up to 10 days with 2 new products added to the kit at

Here’s how:

Add a Zoya Color Lock System to your shopping cart, then enter one of the following codes into the “code” field in your shopping cart to get the corresponding Zoya Seasonal Sampler Free.

Pulse Sampler Code “PULSE”
Vibe Sampler Code “VIBE”
Flourish Sampler Code “FLOURISH”

This is a web only offer at, and, and expires on 1/5/2009. Limit 1 deal per order, not valid in conjunction with other coupons or offers.

One Response

  1. Thanks! I love Zoya. It took a while for the offer to work, but I’m excited about the free set.

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