Pop for Tots, Moms, Dads, and Maybe Even You: the FUZZY STONES, 12/22.

Received from a co-worker, it’s unfortunate that the show is at 9pm, and not, say, 4pm, when I could bring my toddler to enjoy the show.  🙂  But, check out the music and let me know what you think.

My Fellow Americans,

Get It Together, the debut CD from children’s pop band, The Fuzzy Stones, will be officially released at the Beachland Ballroom and Tavern on Monday, December 22nd, with a Listening Party/Performance. Special guests feature The Afternoon Naps.

While you might be scratching your head in puzzlement, wondering if this is spam, or thinking this might be some ironic, hipster-ific online gag, please take the time to examine this link:


Contained herein are the cuts on this fine CD, which began as a labor of love by my good friends Bradley Robinson and Michael “Bruzzie” Nassif. Two years ago–it seems like forever–these two confided that they’d been working on a set of pop songs suitable for kids, moms, dads, and rockers of all ages, shapes and sizes. They enlisted members of Clem Snide, Van Hunt, engineers such as Chris Keffer, Mark Klein, Todd Tobias, and other talented folks from around the country. Somehow they managed to squeeze me in.

The result is a seemingly fun and goofy little record that, upon several listens provides the ears with a little rock n’ roll kick. Though you might be well past age 8, numbers like “Hot Air Balloon”, “Push & Pull”, the country-rock of “Reno”, and a pretty swell version of Pink Floyd’s “Bike” stick to you like PB&J on your bib.

The Beachland show features Brad and Bruz on vocals, guitar, and keyboards, the fabled Scott Pickering on drums, me (me, me, me) on electric bass, and maybe some very special guests that I can’t really talk about here, if you know what I mean?

Of course, we don’t want to forget the Afternoon Naps, who were gracious enough to put down their tinsel and stockings enough to be part of what promises to be a fine evening. Admission is five bucks (last I checked) and the start time is the usual 9 pm. Though we hope to get things going early, for the grownups and working folks.

Thanks for your time! Pass this email onward and forward.

I have to admit, the tunes are catchier than Hannah Montana, unless maybe you’re a 9 year-old girl.

Until next time,



3 Responses

  1. What’s up with the late night toddler shows? I got an email about the 2009 International Showcase of Performing Arts for Youth (you also mentioned it in a previous post) and the show that is good for ages 2 and up is at 8:30 pm! Things are really changing… I am still trying to figure out why there is a need for a 24/7 preschool channel? When I was growing up in Australia, a little bedtime skit from the morning children’s show would announce to the little ones that it was time for bed and to wake up and watch that particular show the next morning… at 9am! (by the way, there was only one commercial channel. Although the internet had been invented, it and cable TV were nonexistent). My sister recently visited Australia and she said the kids still go to bed there at 7. I confirmed that with a childhood friend. That seems so ludicrous around here.
    Ok, enough of this babbling. Have a great weekend.

    • There’s a 24/7 preschool channel? Then again, we don’t have cable TV at our house, we watch enough TV without having cable. Anyhow, my friend tells me that apparently this band also plays an afternoon show periodically with another local band for kids called Farmer Jason, who has a 3pm kids show at the Beachland Ballroom on New Years Eve. http://www.farmerjason.com/dates.htm

  2. Great Story! Are you a fan of Clem Snide!?
    I sure hope so. If you are, I happen to be the project manager for their NEW record which comes out in stores 2/24/09.
    If you’d like a free copy for review or any press materials for that matter feel free to let me know.
    We have all sorts of online materials such as banners, images, press releases etc…
    We also have buttons, posters and even vinyl for the lucky ones.
    You can reach me at bruce@slgmusicus.com
    Hope to hear from ya!

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