Tower City for the Holidays

This past Saturday I took the toddler downtown to Tower City to check out the holiday activities. My sister, two nieces and a nephew all went with us and since none of them had ever been on a train before, we decided to take the Rapid down. It was a lot of fun, except for the group of loud twenty-something women who insisted on cussing up a storm right in front of our group of kids as well as their own kids. I just don’t understand how grown adults feel this is necessary, I really wanted to just say, “Excuse me, could you hold the f-bombs for another ten minutes?”

We arrived downtown right into Tower City at 4pm, in time to catch the Toy Soldier and other characters perform. The 8 year old seemed most into this part, the 4-year old, 6-year old and toddler were interested for a little bit, then wanted to run around. Despite working downtown within the same building as Tower City, I’ve never really thought about how many options for “snacks” there are. There’s a candy shop, an ice cream/Cinnabon, a popcorn shop, a soft pretzel shop and a smoothie shop. We decided on popcorn and sat near the fountain enjoying our snack. Then the kids discovered Bruce the Talking Spruce and they loved it. They were actualy hogging this tree, I had to talk them into moving onto something else so other kids could have a turn. They couldn’t figure out how Bruce was able to hold a conversation with them and knew all of their names. This, coming from the kids who, when watching the Toy Soldier and other people dressed in costumes, the 4-year old boy says to me, “This isn’t real.” Unfortunately, we didn’t make it into Kringle’s Inventionasium, there was a bit of a line and we decided we’d rather spend the time walking around and riding the little kid train around the mall.

I also remembered to bring along my security card to get into the office, which was very convenient so we didn’t have to carry our coats around. From what my sister tells me, this was very cool. The kids went home and told my brother-in-law how cool it was that I have a special card that can get me into a building that no one else was allowed to go into. It’s so funny to me what kids deem to be “cool” or “special.” It seems like it’s often those moments when we allow children into our adult lives that they feel like they are most important. Some of the toddler’s favorite activities with me are going to the grocery store or coming into work with me on special occasions or getting to go to a restaurant to eat with mom and dad. To them it must seem like there are so many other worlds out there to explore, it certainly makes my world seem more exciting!

Until next time,



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