Free Playtime at Local Playground Worlds

In case anyone missed this string of comments on the 5 Free Things to Do With Kids in Cleveland, Ohio post from several days ago:

Renata said 5 days ago:

I found out through a link on your blog that the showrooms for Rainbow playgrounds have open play for an hour a couple times a week. There are several showrooms around the city. Nothing touristy, but perfect to get my kids moving around, especially because they are way past the mall playground age (which I dislike going to anyway). I sure hope I’m right that these showrooms are indoors 🙂

Just a side note, the NASA Glenn Center only allows admission to US Citizens.

You said 5 days ago:

Thanks Renata! I’d heard of this before, I think several of the Playground World locations, that sell rainbow playgrounds, do this.

The toddler is still happy with the mall playgrounds, we go to Southpark or Great Northern malls often in the winter when the toddler just needs to get out of the house for an hour on a Saturday or Sunday. But in about another year we’re going to have to find something more challenging for him!Renata said 4 days ago:

Yes, that’s the place! Thanks for the link because I couldn’t remember if I had bookmarked it. Interestingly enough, their website has changed since I saw it 2 weeks ago (although maybe I was looking at an old one). I’m glad you posted the link because the one I was going to take my kids to is now used as warehouse only (but the other one is just as far away). A downer for working parents, though, is that the free play is not offered on weekends, although both locations listed have them on Friday mornings.


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  1. […] for schedule and locations.   Avon location has Free Play Mondays and Thursdays, 11am-noon and Fridays 10-11am.   And Play Pass Mondays noon-1pm, Thursdays noon-2pm, and Fridays 11am – noon […]

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