I Love Tweety Bird



7 Responses

  1. i want this on my myspace

  2. hii tweety

  3. I want to download this pic

  4. Ok, so can anyone tell me why this post has suddenly received so much traffic in the past couple of days? Was Tweety Bird in the news recently and I missed it? 🙂

  5. […] of traffic to this blog, 990 views, and it was to a post that was two years old of an image of Tweety Bird.  I just now bothered to try to figure out why so many people had searched the term, “Tweety […]

  6. I have a tatoo on my ankle of tweety bird, I wanted my baby girls clothes and room done in Tweety, but it was not popular when she was born. Now its everywhere. By the way, Tweety is a boy, not a girl!!!

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