Children’s Museum of Cleveland Daily Activities

Since I’ve had several moms tell me they enjoy hearing about the fun family activities there are in Cleveland, and since there seems to be a lot going on this time of year, it looks like I’m going to start devoting each day’s post to listing a different event or activity for the next couple of weeks.  Maybe it’ll give my brain a break too.  So here’s my first of a series of posts about where to take the kids in Cleveland!

Looking for some activities for the toddlers during the week beyond what the local library offers?    The Children’s Museum of Cleveland offers daily activities for a small fee ($1) plus admission (unless of course you have a membership).

Here’s the calendar for November to get you started:

Programs & Activities Include:

Craft Corner ($)
Drop by to see what’s at the craft table today. Use buttons, fabric, wallpaper, jewels and more to uncover your creative side. Crafts may include masks, wands, deely-boppers, flowers, or collages. ($1/child supply fee)

Express Yourself! ($)
Discover your creative energy! Join our storyteller for an interactive adventure of words, letters, rhymes and numbers. Let the tale inspire you to design your own character or costume. Great for developing emotional intelligence, weekly projects may include masks, instruments, hats, puppets, wands, vests and more! ($1/child supply fee)

Create & Take ($)
Make stories come alive with Miss Colleen! Enjoy story time and then create works of art based on the book. These wonderful projects are sure to glam up your week! ($1/child supply fee)

Little Lab ($)
Stop by the science lab to experiment with nature, physics, chemistry, astronomy, engineering and more. Use your investigation skills to uncover the who, what, where, when, why and how of the world around us. ($1/child supply fee)

Great Artists ($)
This month we explore “American Folk Art.” Folk art is a perfect example that anyone can do art despite age and training. Come join us as we recreate these traditional methods of creating art. We will be weaving, designing quilt squares, painting and etching. ($1/child supply fee)

Parachute Play
Stretch high, bend low, and roll like the waves. Join us weekly for parachute games as we sail across Lake Erie, climb the Himalayas and even pitch our own tent! These silly games are great for developing a child’s sense of creativity, cooperation and pretend play.

Paint Studio ($)
Explore textures, colors and different ways to express yourself through art. Projects will include different painting techniques such as marble painting, tie dye with shaving cream, finger painting and using found objects to create interesting patterns. ($1/child supply fee)

Creative Movement
Back by popular demand! – Move, groove, rock & roll to music. Yoga, dance and drums are just some of the ways we’ll get our bodies busy!

Play Dough Factory ($)
Mix up a bowl of science, math and creativity! Measure and stir a batch of your very own play dough. Children will learn to use measuring cups, work in a team and enjoy the process of making play dough from scratch. Each week take home a batch of play dough and the recipe. ($1/child supply fee)

Science Time ($)
Everyone is a scientist. Join us to learn fun and interesting facts about dinosaurs, rockets, weather, inventions, chemistry, bugs, animals or volcanoes. Complete experiments or science projects to investigate how these marvels work. ($1/child supply fee)

Block Party
Back by popular demand! – Develop fine motor skills and foster creativity while designing sculptures, buildings, and cities with a variety of blocks in different colors, textures, shapes and sizes. Experiment with balance, gravity and magnetism while you play!

All programs and events are open to the public with regular paid Museum admission unless noted differently. A small program/supply fee ($) may be required for some programs. Workshops and special events may require a fee and advance registration.

I just realized they have daily activities and thought this was pretty neat.   All of the things I think I would do with the toddler if I was a SAHM.  I know it would be a lot of work, but these are the types of activities I sometimes wonder if I’m missing out on with him.

Until next time,



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