Pray for Our President Elect

Several members of my family are fans of forwarding emails.   Some of them are particularly fond of forwarding negative emails, the kind that tell us that Barack Obama is the antichrist or can be compared to Fidel Castro.   I have to admit, it was tempting to respond to the antichrist one pointing out that if this indeed was true, we should all be happy.   Doesn’t the antichrist mean that Jesus is coming back soon?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family a lot.   And because I love them so much I felt compelled to respond to the latest, post-election-fidel-castro-comparison email with this:

Barack Obama is our President Elect. The election is now over. Please, pray for him and his family, as this is what the Bible tells us to do. Let’s put our efforts and thoughts into positive ideas, and pay attention to all politics, especially locally, and including who we elect to congress and senate, the checks and balances put into place to monitor anyone who is in charge.

I’m sorry, it’s been a long year and I’m glad the election is over. I was hoping with it I would no longer have to be a witness to ugly political campaigns and email forwards, I’m tired of negativity, it’s very draining.

Maybe this is the forward we need to be sending around:

Despite who you may have voted for in the 2008 US presidential election, the election is now over. Please pray for your community, for our elected leaders, for our President Elect and his family. Pray for wisdom and humility for those in our government to make the best choices regarding both our nation and our world. Regardless of if you believe the country made the best decision on election day, the best we can do as individuals is to pray, do what we can to make a positive impact on or communities, and take responsibility for our own lives.

I love you all.

Am I the only one who responds to email forwards periodically, if they are either blatantly incorrect (I love or terribly negative?   Does anyone else do this?

Until next time,


One Response

  1. Loved your post.

    I truly hate (and I rarely use that word) forwarded messages, especially ones with opinions contrary to my own.

    About the election, your statement “I’m tired of negativity, it’s very draining” may be the most profound reason Obama won.

    I know that, among other things, that was why his campaign approach appealed me and to more people than McCain’s. I think as a nation, we see just how juvenile and unproductive mudslinging really is.

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