Cleveland Couple on Wife Swap Tonight

Ok, so if you are mildly into train wrecks as I periodically am, then tonight’s episode of Wife Swap should be entertaining, as it involves a local couple.  I rarely have time for TV, but on the rare occasion that I do, sometimes you just need some mindless entertainment.  Plus I think it’s great that a Cleveland area couple was picked for this.  From the Shoparooni newsletter:

On November 7th everyone in the United States will get a peek at Shoparooni, and get to witness the utter trainwreck of Marlee and Steve attempting to blend in with a terrifyingly normal family from Idaho. Scary? Yep. Hilarious? Most likely. Yet another bizarre saga in the already weird lives of Marlee & Steve Brown? You bet your sweet ass!

We haven’t even seen the finished episode ourselves, but it was a truly unique experience and we’re pretty sure it’s going to make for some…uh…interesting television. 😉

The air date is, of course, the same day as our Midwest Plushform Show opening reception, so while there won’t be a proper “viewing party” we are going to see about rigging up some kind of TV in the shop so that people can watch the hilarity ensue while browsing our INCREDIBLE customized Plushforms for charity!

Check your local listings for times and stuff. 🙂


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