What Makes Me Happy

I once wrote a list of 100 things that make me happy.   I’m including at the bottom of this post. 

But, this weekend, was a happy one for me.   Being with our neighbors until 1am on Halloween made me happy.   Watching Smashing Pumpkins with the hubby for date night at the Palace Theatre made me happy.   And going to the circus with the toddler on Sunday night made me happy.   It was just a great weekend.

100 Things That Make Me Happy (in no particular order)

1. good chocolate truffles
2. falcons sitting on my ledge outside my office
3. music that has some funk to it
4. watching musicians watch other musicians play
5. singing
6. strangers who smile
7. pop in glass bottles
8. cilantro
9. seeing my friends have a genuinely good time
10. shoulder rubs
11. pink sunsets
12. hugs and kisses
13. mountains
14. Kinder Eggs
15. the view from my office window
16. South African red tea
17. the smell of an ice rink
18. the smell of a swimming pool
19. organs with pipes built into the building’s walls
20. black and white photos
21. houses that smell like grapes when you walk by
22. fountains
23. bougainvillea
24. the ocean
25. collages
26. watching plants grow
27. dancing
28. watching movies
29. bud light
30. breakfast food
31. chocolate liquid center cake
32. wild vines
33. free stuff
34. getting a suntan
35. fish in neon colors
36. grand pianos
37. inky the cat
38. Pearl River, NYC’s China Town
39. seeing members of my family
40. dandelion fluff
41. flaming cheese
42. chrome
43. concession stand nachos
44. cookie dough
45. Mrs. Smith’s apple pie with vanilla ice cream
46. Cracker Barrel when you’re on vacation
47. cardinals and blue jays
48. finding a good book to read
49. getting to read that good book
50. fireworks
51. bookstores
52. sealing wax
53. toe socks
54. ma jolie
55. Diebels
56. boats
57. roller coasters
58. honey hut
59. mix tapes
60. hockey skates
61. picture frames
62. Dina’s
63. drive-in movies
64. enormous lit up Arbys signs
65. meteor showers
66. Presti’s
67. Mamma Santa’s
68. sangria
69. well…
70. waterfalls
71. picking up newly developed pictures
72. Super K
73. being at a hockey game
74. margaritas
75. Saturday brunch
76. stickers
77. kites
78. inner tubes
79. white water rafting
80. sushi
81. pinball machines
82. candles
83. marching bands
84. tiramisu
85. café mocha
86. dyeing my hair
87. bubble baths
88. down comforters
89. lions
90. Eeyore
91. jalapeno poppers
92. 24 hour anything
93. getting mail
94. making people laugh
95. coloring books
96. love
97. Christmas lights
98. warm outside thunderstorms
99. praising God for things that make me happy
100. worshipping God for who He is

What makes you happy?

Until next time,



4 Responses

  1. Curious about the Diebels (#55) that makes you happy. There aren’t that many of us around but those I know make me happy too.
    Bill Diebels, Sr. – Juneau, Alaska

  2. Diebels is a German Altbier I had when I was in Krefeld Germany about 5 years ago. The brewery’s website is http://www.diebels.de

    There’s also more info, in English, at http://www.austrianbeer.co.uk/?International_Beers:Diebels_Beer

    Would be neat if you could find a bottle! I’ve never met someone with Diebels for a last name, but it’s great beer and what the locals recommended while I was there.

  3. I’ve enjoyed many a Diebels Alt. the founders are shirttail relatives who entertained us graciously and showed us the brewery some years ago when we visited the area. I believe Diebels Alt Brewery has been purchased by Coors but continue to produce their fine brew.

  4. What a great story! Thanks so much for sharing. I love it! I need to find somewhere in the US where I can get my hands on some. Maybe if Coors purchased the brewery they’ll start distributing it here.

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