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I came across another Cleveland mom who seems to enjoy living in Cleveland and writing about it.   Her post from October 15th:

West Side Market – Another reason why Cleveland is great…
October 15, 2008 at 9:53 am (Life in Cleveland)

American Planning Association names West Side Market one of 2008 Great Public Spaces in America

For Americans accustomed to doing their grocery shopping in indistinguishable supermarkets, the West Side Market offers shoppers an authentic and human experience. Cultures from around the world collide here as Chilean sea bass, homemade Lithuanian sausage, European cheeses, and freshly baked bread are all found beneath one roof. Vendors hail from Ireland, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Poland, Russia, and the Middle East. Some have had family stalls at the market for generations.

After shopping for the best prices on lamb shanks, standing rib roasts, and cow tongue, many patrons head to the balcony that overlooks the entire market, or grab lunch next to the local businessmen and women who come to market for a quick bratwurst or falafel sandwich.

The American Planning Association (APA) has named West Side Market as one of the 2008 Great Public Spaces in America for its functionality as a neighborhood gathering place and fresh food market; its engaging atmosphere; and its role as an anchor in the community, stimulating nearby commercial and residential activity.

The APA just points out what every Clevelander *should* already know… That the West Side Market is just another great place that makes Cleveland a perfect place to live.

You should go check her out at and check out her “Life in Cleveland” category.

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