Talking to Someone From Hawaii

While on vacation this week I was in a conversation at the playground with a man who lives in Hawaii, when he heard that we were from Cleveland, Ohio, his response was, “I hear it’s a great place to live.  Isn’t the cost of living there, etc. really good?”

Thought that was kinda cool.

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2 Responses

  1. Cleveland is a great city to live in when you think cost of living, healthcare, and innovation.

    But when you consider that we do not have many options for family outings (our museums do not have a weekly free day like in other metropolitan areas), our nightlife is lacking somewhat, and our lakefront is under developed, Cleveland really isn’t that great.

    Guess it’s all perspective.

  2. Hi Mom2Amara (BTW, your daughter is too beautiful!),

    I defintely agree our lakefront is underdeveloped. I personally think there’s lots to do as it relates to family outings, though as you mention, our museums don’t offer a weekly free day (though the Cleveland Museum of Art is always free). The zoo offers a weekly free day on Mondays, which I hear is so popular with residents that there’s a line to get into the parking lot. Besides the Smithsonians in DC (always free), I wasn’t aware that cities offer a weekly free day to certain museums. Do you know which particular museums/cities offer this? I’m intrigued. I’ve never lived anywhere besides Cleveland so just wasn’t aware of this in other cities.

    I guess I just haven’t minded paying for family memberships or paying admission to those places I like to frequent since the cost of living here is still so inexpensive. Plus, the one membership we currently have, to the zoo, gets us in free or at a discount to many other zoos throughout the country when we’re on vacation, so that’s a nice perk.

    BTW, I also wish we had an aquarium. Maybe someday. 😉

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