Reasons to Love Cleveland

A neighbor of mine wrote the following article for the latest issue of the Free Times.   Here’s an excerpt:

Volume 15, Issue 75
Published October 18th, 2008
Freestyle Lead
Here And Loathing: A Little Civic Pride Wouldn’t Kill Us. We Might Even Start To Like It.
By Samantha Fryberger

…In a spring 2008 article in The Miami Herald, assistant travel editor Marjie Lambert related just such an experience. She’d spent an idyllic day in Cleveland, visiting the Rock Hall and drifting lazily on a Lake Erie sunset cruise. Then the boat’s DJ started to explain how the city wasn’t as bad as its passengers might think. This caused Lambert to note, “I wondered how much longer Clevelanders – with their pretty lake and cleaned-up river, classic baseball stadium and terrific rock ‘n’ roll museum – would feel compelled to go on the defensive in the company of tourists who, after all, had voluntarily chosen to visit their hometown.”

…Get over the fact that our river burned (when Nixon was in office), our sports teams can’t quite clinch the big games and we, like many cities around the nation, are facing a mortgage crisis. We’re still sitting on a Great Lake with one of the world’s top three orchestras, an incredible talent pool of chefs, an abundance of live music venues, a ton of arts and culture, and an East Coast Custard store near my house that features the most delicious mint chocolate chip yogurt every Thursday.

Yes, I’m a civic cheerleader, it’s in my blood.    Literally.   I was born and raised here, growing up as a small child going to polka dances and the All-Nations Festival, which my father helped found when he worked in the Mayor’s office for Ralph Perk.  My dad loved this city while he was alive, complete with getting ticked off at Art Modell and the various other politics surrounding life here.   But that’s what happens when we love something, we get mad when we know it has more potential, when we know it could be better than it is.   But, that doesn’t mean we should overlook what’s great and the reasons why we want to stick around.

BTW, I’m writing this from a sunny off-site location with a view of the ocean, but I still love Cleveland!

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  2. I am not from this area. I don’t even live in Cleveland, but live in Kent. But every time I go to Cleveland, I find something else to love. The ethnic restaurants alone are worth the visit: I found an amazing little noodle house on the edge of Little Italy last time I went. Thanks for your reminder that we can bloom where we’re planted.

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