Out of Town

I’ve been out of town so haven’t been writing, but we’re having a great time.   I’m very relieved that the toddler finally likes the beach…so much that we’re having a hard time doing anything BUT go to the beach and play in the ocean now!   The best things about being away right now:

  • spending time with the toddler and hubby
  • not worrying about work
  • not worrying about the economy
  • not worrying about the election
  • feeling as though my blood pressure is lower
  • working on my tan

In the meantime, it’s fall in Cleveland.    Help me out with some ideas while I’m away.  What are your favorite fall activities for families in the Cleveland area?

Until next time,



2 Responses

  1. I heard the circus does a parade downtown when they get here. I’d love to learn details of that so we can attend this year. Last year, my mother in law mentioned it as an afterthought 😦

  2. […] and Barnum and Bailey Circus will be in town at Quicken Loans Arena.    I bring this up because Renata left me a comment asking when the parade/walk of elephants down East Ninth Street in downtown Cleveland would take […]

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