Featured in the Plain Dealer’s What Local Bloggers are Writing About

So, I just logged onto my blog account, and find that my blog was apparently quoted in the Plain Dealer’s October 5th post of “What Local Bloggers are saying about…the government bailout.”    Maybe I should be happy I made the list.   But, it kinda sucks that of course one of the posts I write in a fit of frustration and verbal dumping is the one that gets quoted in the PD post.   Now I just feel like a crazy.

It doesn’t help that I’m several thousand miles from my home right now suffering from jetlag, feeling clutzy and worrying my cell phone that I left sitting on the toilet in the bathroom made it’s way into the toddler’s bath tonight and I’m not yet sure it’s going to function again when it dries out.

Ugh…so tired.

Until next time,



2 Responses

  1. And now the latest! The Fed just announced it’s buying commercial paper from major corps. This is ’cause they can’t get credit. What was the bailout for? The gates are open and the pigs inside. FOX NETWORK leads the way pimping for the next giveawy. See SandySays1.wordpress.com

  2. Congrats on the mention!

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